Julie Bishop Is 'Sounding Out' Colleagues For Leadership Bid

Is the constant Deputy is gunning for the top job?

Julie Bishop is considering throwing her name into the hat.

The deputy Liberal leader spent Thursday afternoon sounding out numbers to stand against Peter Dutton for the top job.

Bishop has yet to make an announcement, but if she were to go for it she'd potentially be facing off against not just Dutton, but Scott Morrison as well.

Malcolm Turnbull announced on Thursday that if Dutton got the numbers for a second spill, then he wouldn't stand down.

The decision on Thursday afternoon by Bishop -- who has successfully bridged the moderate-conservative divide in the party -- to canvass support could split off MPs who were considering backing Dutton.

"Julie Bishop is definitely the most dangerous in the short term," said former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari on Thursday.

"She is incredibly electorally appealing, she's liked, she's popular, she's very very good at grassroots politics.

"But, she doesn't have the support of her own party."

She's been deputy leader since 2007, surviving three leaders: Brendan Nelson, Tony Abbott, and Malcolm Turnbull, twice.

In Tuesday's leadership spill, she retained the deputy position unopposed, and was personally thanked by Turnbull for her loyalty in his mid-crisis doorstop on Thursday.

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