Twitter Reacts As Twitter Does To #Libspill Day 3

Literally no one knows what's going on, but we're all in this together Australia.

ICYMI Australia is going through yet another leadership crisis and while we're all sick and tired of waking up every morning and having to actually check who our Prime Minister is, one thing Aussie's aren't over is posting memes about it on Twitter.

So in case you haven't fallen down the rabbit hole of twitter trends yet, or just want a little library of some of the most LOL-worthy reactions to day three of #Libspill, we've got you covered.

#Libspill trending on twitter for dayzzz

Auspol is literally a broken record playing on repeat right now.

When you realise Australia could be led by its 6th prime minister in just 11 years.

And apparently ScoMo has now also thrown his hat in the ring???

People have started questioning whether someone's actually taking care of the country?

And also how leadership spills are going on a downward trend from bad to worse.

The 'snake' emoji hasn't seen this much use since Taylor Swift's Instagram.

On the realisation that future Aussie schoolkids will actually have to learn about this era of political history and will 100 percent be judging us hard.

Th REAL Spilt Milk Canberra 2018 (geddit).

The government's making a list (of 43 signatures) and checking it twice.

And finally, absolutely everyone who is living vicariously through Bill Shorten's mood right now:

All in all it's just another day in our nation's parliament, so don't stress if you don't know who's leading the country right now. You're definitely not alone.

Also, Christopher Pyne is me sitting in the office/on my couch/on the train/lying in bed scrolling through all the #auspol memes, laughing but also crying.

Oh and a final honourable mention to every single newsroom in the country right now where this tweet is a big mood.

And that's what you missed on Twitter but you can follow ten daily's live blog of actual proper #Libspill updates right here.