The Wrong Peter Dutton Is Copping It On Twitter Again

Spare a thought for this poor American bloke.

Once again, Peter Dutton is copping heat on Twitter.

No, not that Peter Dutton, the one doing his best to wrangle the leadership away from Malcolm Turnbull and (at the time of writing, but this situation changes by the second) looking like he'll probably be our next Prime Minister.

The other Peter Dutton: the 30-year-old American bloke who gets it every time our Dutton is in the media.

"I wish the people of Australia would look at my profile and realise I'm a 30-year-old black man before sending me tweets and DMs," he tweeted.

Question: who is trying to slide into the Member for Dickson's DMs? And getting it wrong?

The good news is that if Australia's elected leaders can't agree on someone to run the country -- and honestly, it's looking semi-likely -- then this U.S. bloke with no discernible experience is good to do it. And who needs experience? Just show up every now and then, text journalists gossip about your opponents, and collect your six figure paycheque. Simple!

Here's his previous tweet, FYI -- a "yes" to a job offer.

As 'Peter Dutton' isn't exactly  a unique name, this 30-year-old Peter Dutton isn't even the only one to have suffered this fate.

Another Peter Dutton -- who actually has the Twitter handle @peterdutton -- copped it quite a bit during Dutton's 'immigrants are illiterate' scandal.

At least his Twitter bio has the grace to confirm that he's "not Australian", and hilariously enough, can even count the Australian Dutton as a follower.

(That's the Australian Peter Dutton on the left.)

Extremely important news to break up your political brain today.

For the rest:

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