John Oliver Took On Bob Katter And Fraser Anning's 'Final Solution'

"Underneath his eccentric humanity is a truly unpleasant human being."

It appears that Fraser Anning's 'final solution' speech -- and Bob Katter's absolute praise of it -- was just about comical and racist enough to catch the eye of John Oliver.

On the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, Oliver once again took aim at the pure insanity of Australian politics. (It's worth noting that this all happened before Tuesday's libspill, which essentially feels like a lifetime ago.)

"In a speech arguing in favour of a White Australia policy, Anning suggested having a popular vote would be a good 'final solution'," said Oliver.

"And that is just not a phrase you want to throw around for pretty obvious reasons. It's the same reason that we don't name babies 'Adolf' anymore, or have tiny mustaches, or call yoga retreats 'concentration camps'. We could, it would make sense, but people would be understandably upset."

Anning's boss Bob Katter wasn't spared the ire of Oliver either. The British comedian described Katter has having a "temperament to match his face", bringing up Katter's highly controversial campaign ad -- made with the help of the brains behind satirical website Betoota Advocate -- where he shot at his "political opponents".

It was released one day after the Orlando shooting in the U.S.

Oliver held back zero punches when it came to Katter, pointing out his well-established history of racism and homophobia.

"Underneath his eccentric humanity is a truly unpleasant human being," he said.

Oliver is no stranger to Australian politics, which is probably largely because we're just ripe for comedy.

He's previously taken aim at Katter's infamous post-same-sex marriage survey brain snap ("But I ain't spending any more time on it"), Barnaby Joyce threatening to murder Johnny Depp's dogs, and Peter Dutton's failed paramilitary-style operation to stop and check the visa details of Melbourne taxi drivers.

In fact, the last time Oliver toured Australia in 2015, he quite literally fell over laughing when someone in the audience showed him photographic evidence of Tony Abbott eating an onion. Again.

Since the Last Week Tonight clip aired, Australia has seen a libspill, a narrow win for Malcolm Turnbull, the resignation of Peter Dutton, and an overwhelming sense that whatever else happens from now until the election, it's not 'off' yet.

Fingers crossed he puts our revolving door of Australian prime ministers on blast soon.