Jenny Macklin Yells The Question We're All Wondering

It was loud enough to wake the "dead man walking."

Labor's Jenny Macklin has reprised her famous meme-able moment from 2015, loudly yelling the question we're all asking today:


Macklin, the Member for Jagajaga and Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services, took to the floor of the House of Representatives just before the daily Question Time to ask a pertinent question, considering the events of the morning where Peter Dutton challenged Malcolm Turnbull for the Liberal leadership.

"I've said it before and unfortunately I have to say it again," Macklin boomed, and we all knew what was coming.

"Who is the Prime Minister?"

Macklin reprised her famous line from 2015, during furore around the previous Abbott-Turnbull leadership stoush.

Some had wondered whether she would revive the line, and she did so with gusto.

"Is it the Member for Warringah [Abbott]? Who sits up the back directing all the policy, or is it his new friend up the back, the Member for Dickson [Dutton]? Now counting his numbers," Macklin yelled with delight.

Speaker of the House Tony Smith interrupted at this point, to remind her "your microphone is working perfectly well."

She continued.

"Or is it the Member for Wentworth [Turnbull], the dead man walking, still sitting down the front but he doesn't have the numbers and the Member for Dickson will be counting every day til he knocks him off."

It was the precursor to a fiery question time in which Labor leader Bill Shorten attempted to move a motion of no confidence in the government, and wryly claimed "I thought my job would be harder" after Turnbull became PM.

Labor's deputy leader Tanya Plibersek claimed Dutton was "sitting on the lap of the member for Warringah like a really scary wooden puppet come to life. With the hand of the member for Warringah up his back."

"This is a Frankenstein's monster of a government. It has the face of the member for Wentworth, the policies of the member for Warringah, and it has the cold, shrivelled soul of the member for Dickson," Plibersek said.