Bob Katter Says 'Sorry' BUT Still Wants Muslim Ban

"I want to ask him which way he is truly leaning because it doesn't make sense."

What you need to know
  • Bob Katter says he is sorry some voters felt hurt by his stance on Muslim immigration
  • It comes after a Muslim cane farmer who is "Katter's mate" said the MP recently helped extend a Muslim leader's visa in Australia
  • Katter this week backed Fraser Anning's infamous "final solution" speech.

Bob Katter is known for his eccentric and unpredictable ways, and the controversial politician has struck again.

In the latest installment, the federal MP has said he is "sorry" some Muslims in his north Queensland electorate feel abandoned and mislead by his support for a ban on Muslim immigration.

Katter praised and threw his support behind controversial Australian Party Senator Fraser Anning -- whose maiden speech on Wednesday called for a return to a "European Christian" immigration system and a ban on Muslims migrating to Australia.

North Queensland cane farmer Abdul Ghani Mohammed voiced his disappointment in Katter, who in the past, he says, supported Muslims in the region.

Speaking to ten daily, the grandfather said, "Muslims in Cairns aren't a fledgling community we have been here for 50 years, we have at least 150 men attending Friday prayers".

Imam Waseem Jappie was recently granted a visa extension with the support of Bob Katter.  IMAGE: Supplied

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"Katter has been a definite supporter of us. We recently got him to do a letter for us to bring our Imam [Wassem Jappie] from South Africa and his support got his visa extended for another six months,'' he told ten daily.

Katter responded to an ABC interview with Mohammed by saying,"Don't ever call them Muslims, these are Australians. They happen to have a religion and it's their business, nobody else's," he said.

"They said this bloke is preaching the gospel of peace and we need him to stay here."

Imam Jappie is currently in the country and leading a local Cairns mosque.

Imam Waseem Jappie is currently working at a mosque in North Queensland.  IMAGE: Supplied

Katter said he was happy to write the letter and would do it again. However, he maintains his position on a ban on Muslim immigration as he believes Australia's immigration policy needs to change.

"Surely someone should be talking about our immigration policy that is bankrupting us and drowning our values," he told the ABC.

Controversial Senator Fraser Anning delivery his maiden speech this week. IMAGE; Supplied

Mohammed says he wants to talk to Katter and look him straight in the eye.

"I want to ask him which way he is truly leaning because it doesn't make sense," he said.

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