African Youths Threw Rocks And Got Compared To The Gaza Strip

Scores of young people fought and threw rocks in Melbourne last night, apparently this makes the city similar to the Gaza Strip.

What you need to know
  • A fight involving dozens of young Sudanese-Australian broke out in Melbourne on Wednesday night, police said it was about "a couple of girlfriends"
  • Police broke the groups up, and some youths threw rocks and damaged a police car
  • 2GB shock jock Ray Hadley compared the scenes to the Gaza Strip, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton agreed it was "from another part of the world"
  • On Wednesday, 11 were injured as more than 150 rockets were launched by militants in Gaza.

Young Australians of African descent are making headlines again. This time the police say it involved two Melbourne groups that were fighting over a "couple of girlfriends".

Yet, according to our immigration minister and a talkback radio host -- the "riot" was reminiscent of the Gaza Strip.

Dozens of youths met at a shopping centre, in Melbourne's north-west, at 5:30pm on Wednesday, where some started fighting.

Shortly after, police were tipped off and heavily armed riot and plain-clothed police blocked off main roads and diverted traffic in Taylors Hill and Caroline Spring.

Rocks were thrown, and a rear windscreen of a police vehicle shattered, but no-one was injured and no arrests were made. Victorian Police say they "never lost control of the incident".

Immigration Minister spoke with shock jock Ray Hadley on Sydney's 2GB on Thursday morning about the events.

"It looked like the Gaza Strip at one stage pelting rocks and projectiles at cop-ers and they just cop it," Hadley said.

Dutton took aim at Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and agreed with the broadcaster.

“Melbourne’s one of our great cities, and in 2018 having people riot like this, as you say, like a scene from some other part of the world, is unacceptable, and Daniel Andrews as I say won’t even accept that there’s a problem, that these gangs exist, which is just not credible," he said.

In recent months, politicians and some media outlets have been criticised for their coverage of African youths and violence in Melbourne.

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Dutton appeared to forget the name of the Human Rights Commissioner, as he referenced the increase in the number of reports of racially motivated incidents linked to sensational media coverage of "African gangs".

“We’ve been blamed for causing a spike in the number of complaints to the  Commissioner in Victoria, some do-gooder down there, because we’ve made reference to African gangs, that somehow that’s contributing," he said.

Why Pollies Want You To Fear African Gangs

Over the past 48-hours in the Palestinian-controlled territory, Israeli jets repeatedly struck targets in the Gaza Strip. These attacks come after dozens of rockets were launched by Hamas militants into Israel, injuring 11 people.

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