Joyce Reveals Financial Woes And Bad Relationship With PM

Barnaby Joyce has revealed new details about the Campion affair and his mental health struggles.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has revealed more details about his ongoing mental health struggle and denied that he was promiscuous in an interview with Ten Eyewitness News. The former Deputy Leader confessed that money is tight as he tries to provide for two families --  which could explain why he's now spruiking a new, tell-all book. 

Joyce told Hugh Riminton that he is tight on money and has a fractured relationship with the PM.

In an interview with Ten Eyewitness News on Wednesday, Joyce told Hugh Riminton that while he admitted “getting closer to other women” he denies he was sexually promiscuous. He will say only that he went to "the step before."

He blamed his affair with his former staffer, and now partner, Vicki Campion on the pressure of public life.

“In hindsight it wasn’t right and in hindsight, if you lived your life again would you do things differently, well, yeah,” he told Hugh Riminton.  

Joyce told Hugh Riminton that he was "at the step before" promiscuity.

Joyce also admitted that he was initially in denial over his mental health. He ultimately came under the care of a psychiatrist and was medicated. Joyce says he will need help for “a long while."

“If you think like this, feel like this, get help,” he urged others.

“To be quite frank, I have had issues myself and fought tooth and nail to say ‘this is not right, it's happening to someone else, everybody else is wrong, I’m right,’ until you see a psychiatrist and they say you’ve got to change the way you live your life," he said.

Joyce said he sought psychiatric help and is currently on medication to treat depression.

Of his depression he says, “It's not made up. It is real. If I revert and don't do what I'm meant to do I can see it sneak back in.”

Joyce pointed to a now infamous speech on the invasive fish species 'carp', which has since become a YouTube favourite, as symptomatic of his deteriorating mental health. 

“It was kinda crazy. It was just over the top. Would I do it now? No. I don't know what possessed me to do it then," he said.

Joyce revealed to Riminton his financial woes, admitting that money is “tight” as he tries to support two families.

Joyce confirmed his friendship with the Prime Minister can never fully recover after Malcolm Turnbull publicly accused him of shocking error of judgment in having the affair with Campion. 

"If I gave a doorstop about your personal life would you be happy with me?,” he said. 

Despite that, Joyce says he would serve in a Turnbull-led Cabinet again. "You should always get yourself as close as possible to the mechanisms of effect," a phrase he agrees simply means power.

He says there's a marginalised section of Australian society who need support and motivate his political aspirations.

"Poor people who live on the peripheries of society, predominantly white people, these are the people I think are ignored, called hillbillies, rednecks and hayseeds," he said. 

Joyce also said that he remains a staunch believer in traditional marriage values despite admitting that  he failed to live up to them.

“Just because you're not perfect doesn't mean you denigrate something you think is proper," he said. 

Joyce's autobiography, Weatherboard and Iron is on sale now.