Emma Husar To Quit Politics After Damaging Allegations In Internal Investigation

She is being investigated over claims of bullying, harassment and misuse of staff.

Embattled Labor MP Emma Husar won't contest the next election after spectacularly stepping down from her western Sydney seat on the back of damning allegations from an internal investigation.

Husar, the MP for the Sydney seat of Lindsay, announced she would leave politics before the next election. She has been the focus of a Labor probe investigating allegations of bullying, harassment and misuse of staff within her office.

The investigation into her conduct is due to be finished within days.

Buzzfeed reports claimed Husar had asked her staff to carry out household chores such as babysitting her children or walking her dog. She also faced allegations of sexual harassment and misuse of money, and claims of an encounter with Labor frontbencher Jason Clare.

Both Husar and Clare strenuously denied the claims, with the Lindsay MP saying the "smear" was "utterly untrue".

On Wednesday, Husar said she would not contest the next election, due by mid-2019. She attacked those who had leaked allegations against her, claiming her reputation was "completely trashed in the media".

"This is a very sad day for me. My family has made massive sacrifices for me, and I’ve given my all," she said.

"I kept quiet in the face of vicious and baseless smears and sensational clickbait headlines with no basis in fact. This vendetta lead to threats to my personal safety, the trolling of my children online and media parked outside my house around the clock. It has been terrifying for my kids and utterly traumatic for me."

"Once again, and for the record, I absolutely reject the malicious allegations which have been published to my great detriment. Given my reputation has been completely shredded by nameless, faceless people, I see no point in waiting for this report."

In an interview with 9 News, she said she "threw up" after hearing the allegations relating to Clare.

She will not immediately resign and will instead hold on until the next federal poll, meaning Labor is spared another by-election for her seat.

"I’m going on my own terms: I will continue to give my best for the wonderful community of Lindsay; I will fight to clear my name from the unbelievable mud that’s been thrown at it; I will continue to advocate on behalf of the people who elected me, who rely on a fair go for all," Husar said in her statement.

"In these last few difficult weeks I have been grateful for the kindness of those who know me well, my community and even complete strangers, who know that the allegations that have consumed the headlines are not a reflection of me, my character, the work I’ve done or am capable of."

Her announcement came just hours after Labor leader Bill Shorten again claimed he had no knowledge of the investigation or any troubles in Husar's office prior to the issue being reported in the media.

Husar previously asked the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority to review the use of her expenses, including claims she had attended a Bruno Mars concert in Brisbane while in the city on official business.

More to come.