An Army Of Pauline Hanson Cardboard Cutouts Have Been Spotted

The party says the cardboard "is as good as her being there". No, really.

A veritable army of Pauline Hansons has descended on Brisbane ahead of the super Saturday by-election -- despite the One Nation leader planning to spend the day on a cruise boat somewhere off the European coast.

One Nation has run a strong campaign in the Queensland seat of Longman, north of Brisbane, with the far-right party predicted to record a good result and their preferences forecast to help tip the Labor-held seat to the Liberals.

But while Hanson has worked hard alongside her candidate Matthew Stephen on the hustings, she won't be there on Saturday's polling day. She quietly disappeared last week, and was found on a European holiday.

One Nation are in no position to claim Longman for themselves, but their preferences will have a major impact on whether the Liberals wrestle the seat back or if Susan Lamb retakes the seat she had to vacate due to her dual citizenship.

Hanson has come under fire for skipping the important by-election for a holiday with her sister, but the party said a new army of cardboard cutouts "is as good as her being there".

No, we're not joking, her own chief of staff James Ashby really said that.

A platoon of 50 cardboard Hansons will be deployed around the electorate.

While saying your party leader is almost indistinguishable from an inanimate piece of marketing material is a bold strategy, One Nation hope fans will take selfies with the paper presence.

What a time to be alive.