Father Of Kids Killed In MH17 Sends Scathing Message To Trump

He told the U.S President "you have nothing" and accused him of "kissing" Vladimir Putin's "arse".

What you need to know
  • An Australian father whose three children died in the MH17 disaster wrote an open letter to Donald Trump
  • He accused the US President of ignoring Russia's role in bringing down the plane
  • It comes after Trump and Putin met at a summit this week
  • He wrote "the man whose arse you've just been kissing did this"

The Australian father of three young children killed when Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down has written a scathing open letter to Donald Trump after the president's praise of Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Anthony Maslin's children Mo, Evie and Otis, and his father-in-law, were killed on the ill-fated flight in 2014.

Mo, 12, Evie, 10 and Otis, eight were returning from a holiday with their grandfather when their plane was shot down. IMAGE: supplied

Maslin let rip at Trump in a Facebook post, accusing him of "kissing the arse" of Putin, rather than holding him to account for Russia's role in bringing the plane down, after the two leaders met at a summit this week.

In total, 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed when a Russian missile was fired at the Boeing 777 plane as it flew over Ukraine. Thirty-eight Australian residents and citizens were among the dead.

In a Facebook post, Maslin wrote, "Mr Trump, you invented and speak a lot about 'fake news'. But let's try talking about something that's not fake … let's call them irrefutable facts.

"That passenger flight MH17 was shot out of the sky and 298 innocent people were murdered is an irrefutable fact. That the plane was hit by a Russian missile has been proven to be an irrefutable fact."

According to an international investigation, the missile that downed the passenger flight was Russian-owned.

Anthony Maslin's public Facebook post on the fourth anniversary of his children's death. IMAGE: supplied

"That this killed our three beautiful children and their grandfather, and destroyed our life and many other lives in the process, is an irrefutable fact.

That this happened four years ago today… is an irrefutable fact," continued Maslin.

Maslin criticised Trump for backing  Putin at this week's controversial summit in Finland and for turning a blind eye to the actions of Russia's leader. 

"That the man whose arse you've just been kissing did this, and continues to lie about it, is an irrefutable fact," he wrote.

Investigators at the MH17 crash site. IMAGE: Reuters

The Facebook post  has been shared almost 3000 times.

"It's not anger that I feel towards the two of you, its something much, much worse. It's pity. You have no empathy for your fellow man, and you clearly have no idea what love is. So you have nothing."

In a statement this week, Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop said Australia will continue to seek justice for the MH17 victims.

"On 25 May 2018, Australia and the Netherlands announced that we hold Russia responsible for its role in the downing.

We hope that through negotiations with Russia we can open dialogue around the circumstances leading to the tragic loss of innocent lives."

Bishop plans to raise the issue next week when she meets with the UK's new Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

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