'We Are So Proud': Prime Minister's Message To Aussie Divers

Dr. Richard Harris said the real heroes were the Thai Navy SEALs and the boys themselves.

The world woke to the news on Wednesday morning that all 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand had been successfully freed.

In the aftermath of the rescue,  details are emerging about just how dangerous the rescue was with new footage showing the boys being carried on stretchers over uneven rocks and through narrow passageways.

This difficult and challenging rescue could never have been possible without the tireless efforts of hundreds of people from all over the globe. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull acknowledged the AFP officers involved and Dr. Richard Harris, thanking them for their involvement in the rescue.

"Australia is so proud of you. You've inspired the world, you've inspired a nation," Turnbull said to the officers over video call.

One of the AFP officers responded saying that being part of the rescue was a highlight of the team's career.

"I tell you sir, representing the AFP it's actually the most inspirational and momentous occasion in our lifetime," he said.

The PM also extended his condolences to Dr Richard Harris whose after passed away on the same morning the rescue finished.

Dr Richard Harris' played a key part in the cave rescue. Image: AAP

"Thank you so much for your extraordinary work," Turnbull said.

"We know it's a tough time for you at the moment so lots of love there."

"No worries," Harris replied.

"No, the big heroes in this are these children and the four Thai Navy SEALs who were looking after them, they are the toughest blokes and kids I have ever had the privilege to meet."

"So yeah, they are the ones responsible for their own morale and really their own safety. Without them being in the state that they were in, we couldn't have done anything. So that's where all the credit lies I think."

Turnbull also asked Harris and the AFP officers to thank all the members of the international community who were involved in saving the football team.

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