Leyonhjelm Refuses To Apologise In Face Of Legal Threats

"Senator Hanson-Young’s action is without merit," Leyonhjelm claimed

David Leyonhjelm has again refused to apologise for his comments about Sarah Hanson-Young, putting him on course to be hit with defamation action by the Greens senator.

Hanson-Young demanded Leyonhjelm apologise for comments made in various media broadcasts in the last week, saying she would launch legal action if he did not issue a retraction and pay compensation. On Thursday, the Liberal Democrats senator said he would not consider an apology.

"Senator Hanson-Young’s action is without merit. She is also wasting her time, money and endless reserves of outrage, because I will not be issuing an apology,” he said in a statement.

"Apologising in response to the outrage of a politically correct lynch mob would be insincere. Drawing attention to double standards and misandry is not wrong and does not warrant an apology."

Leyonhjelm claimed he had received "thousands of messages" in support in recent days, including from others in the parliament.  He claimed he was aiming to call out "misandry" perpetuated in politics.

"Society deems misogyny unacceptable and I completely agree. But let’s start being consistent here," Leyonhjelm claimed.

“Many Australian men are, like me, thoroughly fed up with being collectively blamed for the actions of a few sick individuals who assault, rape and murder. Many sensible women are fed up that the men in their lives face these kinds of accusations.”

Kennedys law firm, which is representing Hanson-Young, had earlier said it would launch defamation action unless Leyonhjelm apologised.

In an interview on Sky News, Rebekha Giles of Kennedys said the law firm would take action against Leyonhjelm.

"It's quite extraordinary he hasn't engaged with us all," Giles told Sky.

"That's his prerogative, I don't take offence to that, but we will commence proceedings so his lack of engagement is at his own peril and it may sound in costs to him at the end of the day."