Leyonhjelm 'Apologises' To Angela Bishop For 'Bigoted Bitch' Comment Off-Air

"Real men do not call women bitches."

What you need to know
  • Senator David Leyonhjelm appeared on the Studio 10 panel to discuss his controversial comments
  • He justified his use of offensive language as a means of speaking out against misandry
  • He apologised to Bishop for his comments, but later retracted his statement

Senator David Leyonhjelm has 'apologised' to Angela Bishop backstage after failing to do so on air during a Studio 10 segment.

"Sorry for causing you offence," Leyonhjelm said to Angela Bishop following Studio 10's live segment.

"I didn't intend to give you offence. Offence is taken not given, but uh, I didn't intend to give you, to cause you offence."

There was a moment during the Studio 10 segment where the Senator nearly gave an unprecedented apology to Bishop for his comments. Leyonhjelm was quick to clear up any confusion, saying he wasn't going to apologise for calling Bishop a "bitch".

"Oh, right. I'm sorry you took offence at that,"Leyonhjelm said.

"Is that an apology,?" host Sarah Harris asked.

Leyonhjelm quickly clarified that was he was not apologising.

"No, what I'm saying is that I'm sorry she has taken offence."

Leyonhjelm Claims Hanson-Young Uses Inappropriate Language In Parliament "Every Week"

The Senator appeared on Studio 10 on Wednesday morning to explain why he lashed out at Senator Sarah Hanson- Young and Ten's Angela Bishop.

He began by calling Senator Hanson-Young a  "blantant misandrist."

Leyonhjelm defends his comments on Studio 10. Image: Getty Images.

"It is the male side of misogyny-- misandrist. She called ... out was the effect of all men are rapists, but she now denies that," Leyonhjelm said.

"The point I was making is that she has double standards. She on the one hand -- she is a serious misandrist. She classifies all men as the enemy."

Leyonhjelm said that he is speaking out about hatred against men, calling the language he used common place in parliament. He also claimed Hanson-Young herself is guilty of using offensive language in the Senate.

"I'm very evenhanded in my abuse. I'd call a woman -- I would call a woman a bitch, and if a man said [that], I would call him a bastard. I do not think of that as sexism," the Senator said.

"I have not used any unparliamentary language in my time there. But Sarah Hanson-Young is called out pretty much every week for saying inappropriate things."

Senator Defends "Bitch" Comment By Claiming Angela Bishop Was Being "Bigoted"

Leyonhjelm defended his tweet about Angela Bishop, saying that calling her a "bitch" was justified because she was being a "bigot" in not listening to Joe Hildebrand's explanation of the term 'misandry' on a previous episode of Studio 10.

"[Bigotry] that means a woman does not want to listen to a man. I don't accept that term ... You shut him down," Leyonhjelm said.

"That means the context in which you made that comment. Being a bigot is not listening to another's view. That is what I was trying to say."

Hugh Riminton refuted Leyonhjelm's justification of his offensive language, saying that degrading someone he's never met is unacceptable.

Why did you call her a bigot? But why call her a bitch? Real men do not call women bitches.
Leyonhjelm Takes Aim At Sarah Hanson Young, Angela Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull

The week-long saga began when Leyonhjelm told Senator Sarah Hanson-Young to "stop shagging men" during a debate about relaxing pepper spray access laws in parliament.

Ten's Angela Bishop then became the subject of  Leyonhjelm's slurs after being called a "bigoted bitch" Twitter for apparently failing to listen to co-host Joe Hildebrand explain the meaning of 'misandry.'

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has also been called offensive names by the Liberal Democrat. Leyonhjelm described Turnbull as a "pussy" and a "soft cock" for failing to speak on the issue of misandry.

Leyonhjelm Refuses To Apologise For 'Sexist Slur'

Leyonhjelm is yet to apologise to Senator Hanson-Young.

Hanson-Young called for the Liberal Democrat to apologise for his comments last week but he refused to do so. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Women Kelly O'Dwyer also called for the Senator to apologise.

"That type of language has no place in Parliament, it shouldn't have a place in any workplace," Turnbull said.

Leyonhjelm said he was willing to apologise if Hanson-Young made three public announcements, including one saying "she no longer believes men are collectively responsible for the actions of those men who commit violence."

Hanson-Young denied that this was her belief.

The feud escalated on Tuesday when Hanson-Young said she had endured years of abuse in the workplace, saying "I’m over it, I’m absolutely over it. From here on, when it happens, I’m calling it out."

The Senator encouraged other women to speak out against workplace harassment.