Natalie Joyce Reveals 'Malicious Taunt' By Barnaby And Campion

Betrayal, their four daughters, Campion's baby name and that TV interview.

What you need to know
  • Natalie Joyce has spoken out about her split with former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce
  • She addresses his betrayal of her and his four daughters, Vikki Campion and the TV interview with Channel Seven
  • Joyce also says she believes Barnaby needs time out of the public eye

Natalie Joyce has broken her silence since her split from husband Barnaby Joyce.

Speaking to the Australian Woman's Weekly, Joyce addresses Barnaby's affair, his betrayal of their four daughters and the TV interview with Channel Seven.

"I'm normally a very private person but I knew I had to find my voice," Joyce told the Australian Woman's Weekly.

"They thought I would lie down but this time I couldn't."

Apart from wanting to set the record straight on her relationship with Barnaby, Joyce said chief among her reasons in speaking out was showing her daughters how strong and dignified women act.

"I'm doing this so the girls feel empowered and know their mum stood up and defended our fine name.  I want to give them plenty of reasons to be proud of at least one of their parents," she told the the Women's Weekly. 

The interview addresses Joyce's distress and heartbreak as her marriage of 24 years broke down in the public eye. She calls Vikki and Barnaby's affair the worst keep secret in Canberra and that she was "probably the last silly mug to know."

Joyce says one of the most heartbreaking moments in the whole ordeal was when the name of Campion's son was revealed. Joyce has four daughters with the former deputy PM, but Barnaby always wanted a son. Sebastian was Natalie and Barnaby's first choice for a name should they have a son.

"It felt like another malicious taunt in a very long line of appalling behavior," she said.

Natalie and Barnaby in 2015. Image: Getty Images.

And that TV interview. Joyce isn't surprised her husband and Campion sold their story but she does call it an "absolute disgrace". She says her daughters were distraught after the televised interview and struggled to understand the public betrayal of their father.

Among all this, Joyce said the door is always open to her husband so that he might have a good relationship with his daughters and access any help he needs from his family. She also believes Barnaby needs time out of the public eye.

"He's not himself and if [Vikki] really does care, she should be encouraging him to seek the help he needs."

The full interview is available from Thursday in the Australian Women's Weekly.