Former Greens Senator Larissa Waters To Return To Parliament After Citizenship Saga

She's set to be back after the next election.

What you need to know
  • Larissa Waters is set to return to parliament after being caught up in the citizenship saga
  • Her replacement Andrew Bartlett will step aside to run for the lower house seat of Brisbane
  • Since her resignation, Waters has renounced her Canadian citizenship

She was one of the first Senators to resign as part of the citizenship ordeal that would claim the jobs of 15 MPs, but now former Greens Senator Larissa Waters is set to return to parliament.

Senator Andrew Bartlett, who replaced Waters, will step down from his position in August paving the way for her return to the Senate. Bartlett replaced Waters following the discovery that she was a dual-Canadian citizen in July 2017.

Consequently, Waters was forced to resign from Parliament under Section 44 of the constitution.

Andrew Bartlett will run for the seat of Brisbane. Image: AAP

“I’m delighted to be returning to the role of working for Queenslanders and am ready to be their voice again,” Watersaid.

“I want to thank my old friend and esteemed colleague Senator Andrew Bartlett for the outstanding work he has done in the Senate representing Queenslanders since he stepped into the role, after I stood down for unwitting dual citizenship."

Waters was born in Canada to Australian parents and left the country when she was a small child. She wrongly believed she would need to actively apply for Canadian citizenship to hold it, which would have been the case if Waters was born just a few months later.

The Greens are likely to re-appoint Waters as Senator for Queensland. Since her resignation Waters has renounced her Canadian citizenship and was pre-selected as lead senate candidate for the Queensland Greens.

Senator Bartlett will contest the seat of Brisbane in the next Federal election.