Barnaby Joyce Films Row With Photographer Outside Church

The former deputy PM has this week lobbied NSW state MPs to vote against a bill protecting women outside abortion clinics.

Barnaby Joyce has filmed a row between himself and a photographer who claimed the former Nationals leader threatened to punch him in Armidale.

Despite continuous pleas for privacy, Joyce posted videos of the confrontation on Twitter on Sunday, accusing the photographer of trying to ambush him as he walked out of church.

“Why do you keep following us around with your cameras?” Joyce asked.

“It’s our job,” the photographer replied, refusing to disclose his name or who he works for -- despite constant probes from Joyce.

“Seriously Barnaby, that’s just ridiculous” was the photographer’s reply, then accusing Joyce of intimidation.

“How can you seriously come out of church and size someone up to punch them? You pulled your right hand back… If I hadn’t walked away, you would have clubbed me.”

Vikki Campion and Barnaby Joyce's paid interview on Sunday Night. Image: Sunday Night

The stoush comes one week after Joyce and his partner Vikki Campion appeared in a paid interview on Sunday Night, which has left his political future in doubt.

“We did the Sunday program to stop this, this is why we need a tort of privacy,” he tweeted.

In the video, Joyce can later be seen following the photographer along the street, repeatedly demanding that he disclose his name.

A passerby intercepted, accusing the photographer of “hiding behind a tree like a rotten snake”.

“Can’t he just come to church?” the man asked, to which the photographer responded, “Absolutely. But has has walked outside and threatened me”.

Joyce has this week lobbied NSW state MPs to vote against a bill protecting women outside abortion clinics -- a “double standard” many on Twitter were quick to point out.

“Now you know how women walking into a health clinic feel, Barnaby,” one Twitter user said.  

“You court the media in one breath and then tell them to go away in the next,” said another.