Nats MP Says Barnaby Joyce Should Go After THAT Interview

"To be rescued from this is virtually impossible, he pretty much wrote his political death warrant last week with that interview."

What you need to know
  • Outgoing Nationals MP Kevin Humphries is the first sitting National MP to publicly call for Barnaby Joyce to step down
  • Joyce has emailed Nationals branch members in New England confirming his intention to stay on in the seat and contest the next federal election
  • Ten Eyewitness News has been told by a Nationals MP that he/she has received a call from Joyce to vote down the NSW bill to create “safe zones” around abortion clinics
  • Kevin Humphries has told Ten Eyewitness News that he knows of three National MPs who have also received this call and directive

"I think he just needs to pull his head right in and just stay quiet."

Those are the damning words of a senior NSW Nationals MP Kevin Humphries about his party's former federal leader Barnaby Joyce.

Speaking to Ten Eyewitness news on Wednesday, Humphries said he's going public now because he can't see any end to the saga engulfing the former deputy Prime Minister ever since his affair with his pregnant staffer was made public.

He said the recent paid interview by Barnaby Joyce and his partner Vikki Campion was the last straw for his colleagues.

Joyce's future as an MP has been called into question since *that* interview on Sunday

"To be rescued from this is virtually impossible, he pretty much wrote his political death warrant last week with that interview."

He suggested Joyce needs to step aside before the next federal election, for his own sake and that of the party.

"I think he needs to make sure that the transition to the next election is a smooth one and the best way to do that by serving his people is to bow out."

Humphries, who is now a voter in the New England electorate, has ruled out standing himself for the seat but says there are many others who would.

"I didn't say use the words 'grey area'!" Campion responded to the claim it was a joint decision to make the statement. Image: Seven

"I'm not standing at the next election so I can speak freely and my views reflect my colleagues here at the state level and I believe pretty much at the federal level as well."

And it's not only his colleagues.

Joyce "losing support" on the ground

Humphries said Joyce lost support on the ground, too.

"Politics is a sharp game and if you're not on top of it, if you're not sending clear messages to the community then they will turn on you and I believe that's what's happening."

Joyce is on medical leave and his office today offered "no comment" to the advice as well as to claims the former leader has been calling state MPs to vote against a bill setting up exclusion zones around abortion clinics.

The bill has already been passed in the NSW upper house and will go to a conscience vote in the lower house tomorrow.

"For someone in isolation, given the turmoil that their own personal lives are in, to be offering advice to what is a fundamentally stable government here in NSW... it doesn't go down too well," Humphries said.

Several NSW Nationals MP privately agree with Humphries, telling Ten Eyewitness News he'll lose the seat if he stands.

It will make for an interesting dynamic as the party prepares for its national conference in Cowra next week.

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