Pauline Hanson Orders Burston To Resign From Senate

"I no longer have confidence in you," Hanson told Burston

Pauline Hanson has asked Brian Burston to resign from the Senate and hand his seat back to the party so another One Nation member can take his place.

Burston and Hanson have been at loggerheads for several days over his decision to break from the party over support for the government's proposed company tax cuts.

After days of bickering through media, including Hanson breaking down during a Sky News interview on Thursday night, 2GB Radio reported on Friday that Hanson had sent Burston a letter asking him to resign from the Senate. Former One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts confirmed the letter's authenticity on Twitter.

"I no longer have confidence in you as an officer of Pauline Hanson's One Nation. You have been removed as deputy registered officer in NSW and in the federal party," the letter read.

"You describe yourself as loyal to me and I now ask that you demonstrate that loyalty by giving up your seat in the Senate to enable the party to appoint a replacement NSW senator."

As reported earlier on Friday, the likes of Mark Latham, Cory Bernardi and Bob Katter are thought to be in Hanson's sights as a replacement for Burston.

Burston, responding to the letter on 2GB on Friday afternoon, said he would not resign and that Hanson would have to sack him if she wanted him out of the party.

Burston said he would not allow a "crony" or "yes man" to take his spot, and told 2GB host Ben Fordham that he felt entitled to finish his whole term in the Senate.

Even if Burston is removed from One Nation or resigns from the party, he would not automatically lose his Senate seat. He could sit as an independent senator or join another party.

In the 2GB interview, Burston -- a long-time One Nation official -- noted that of the approximately 30 party members who had been elected to office over the years, at least 23 had been sacked or resigned. In another interview with Fairfax, he called the party a "dictatorship".