All The Times Barnaby Joyce Should Have Stopped Talking

Barnaby Joyce has repeatedly called for privacy, so why does he find it so hard to stop talking?

The weeks surrounding the birth of your child are supposed to be full of love and bonding time -- but former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce seems to have missed the memo.

In his own words, Joyce has said he is "not a saint", and his partner Vikki Campion is learning first-hand how true that is.

That $150,000 Payday

Just days out from the couple's tell-all interview, Joyce threw Campion under the bus, letting her take the blame for accepting payment for the exclusive interview he said they have been 'forced' into

'They wanted an interview... to get Vikki's side of the story and like most mothers she said, 'Seeing as I am being screwed over... if everybody else is making money then [I am] going to make money out of it', he said to The Australian.

Barnaby Joyce has been admonished by colleagues for taking payment for an interview (AAP Image/Mick Tsikas)
Those Pesky Paternity Rumours (That He Started)

Joyce sent to rumour mill into overdrive when National Party officials said their former leader made bizarre comments about the paternity of this then-unborn son.

At the time, Campion was three months pregnant when Joyce reportedly said it was "a grey area" on whether he was the child's biological father, claiming he was in Europe at the time of conception.

While Joyce has since confirmed he is the biological father, the insinuation he may not have been will forever stick.

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The Bachelor's Pad

Joyce and Campion had access to rent-free accommodation for six months in Armidale (reportedly to the market value of $14,000) from a multi-millionaire friend , with Joyce describing the townhouse as a "bachelor's pad" in a Fairfax interview.

Only he wasn't a bachelor-- he and Campion were living together.

Joyce was running his mouth long before the news of his affair broke. Here's a few of his greatest hits.

And of course, that time he didn't know he was a New Zealand citizen.