Clive Palmer Has Written A Book And Parliament Is Not Impressed

We're going to need a bigger bin.

What you need to know
  • Former politician Clive Palmer has published a detailed recount of his political career
  • Copies of the opulent book were sent to practically all politicians and journalists in Canberra
  • MP's promptly binned their copies

'The Last Sentry at the Gate: Clive Palmer and the 44th Parliament of Australia'

It just sounds glossy doesn't it?

Well, as glossy as all 1,200 pages of Clive Palmer's new book are, they won't be read by many members of parliament any time soon.

The former politician has been slammed  for his publication of a hefty 4.5kg book filled with hundreds of colour photos of Palmer throughout his short-lived career, transcripts of his speeches, media releases and private member's bills spread across two hardback volumes.

Liberal's Member for North Sydney Trent Zimmerman put the books to use as a bathroom door step. Image: Trent Zimmerman Facebook

After the delivery of about 250 copies of the book to journalists and politicians in Canberra, MPs stood in solidarity with the 800 workers who lost their jobs after Palmer's North Queensland Nickel refinery collapsed in 2016, by dumping their copies in the bin.

Cathy O’Toole, the Labor member for the seat of Herbert which is home to Queensland Nickel, collected almost 100 copies as she made her way around Parliament House with a recycling bin, saying she was "disgusted" by Palmer's publication.

O'Toole collected over 100 copies of the book from MPs and journalists in Parliament House.

“How dare he think that he can send these narcissistic, egotistical and self-absorbed books to me of all people after what he did in Townsville,” she said.

“More than 800 people in Townsville lost their jobs because of Clive Palmer.”

O'Toole said while many workers were still owed thousands of dollars more than two years on, it was "disrespectful and completely unacceptable" that Palmer has invested in a "litany of egotistical self-interests that he has sent out to every member parliament" while members of her community have entitlements still unpaid.

Palmer famously created the Palmer United Party in 2013, which was disbanded four years later. Image: Getty

Ted O'Brien, who currently sits in Palmer's former seat as Federal Member for Fairfax, took to the social media to express his thoughts on the memoir.

"Nearly every page probably represents at least one person who has lost their job," he said.

"If you're going to spend this much money on books, my tip - spend it on the people who have been hurt."

Upon seeing O'Toole's haul, Senator for Victoria Derryn Hinch suggested the books should be pulped, and the money raised in return should be handed back to the Queensland Nickel workers.

"I was in Townsville just after all this happened with North Queensland Nickel," he said.

"It's a bad joke we're even doing this because the man is a disgrace... there's a years salary for one of his workers."

He went on to call Palmer a "pompous ass."

Queensland Nickel went into administration with about $300 million in debts.

Filling up one bin with ease, O'Toole had to return for another round to accommodate the clean-up.

Featured image: Reuters