Restaurant Puts Cardboard Cutouts At Tables To Force People To Sit Apart

A Sydney restaurant has found a clever way to enforce social distancing as the state government relaxes COVID-19 restrictions.

From today, cafes, restaurants and dining areas are allowed to reopen but can only seat 10 occupants at a time and with at least four square meters of space per person.

Image: Getty.

Sydney's Five Dock Dining has managed to do exactly that, but with a helping hand thanks to life-sized cardboard cutouts.

But that's not the only inventive tweak after the eight-week lockdown period. Owner Frank Angeletta has also tried to replicate the normal dining experience as much as possible by using a background noise simulator to simulate guest "chatter".

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Angeletta was worried the area would feel empty so he implemented the cutouts to make customers feel more at ease.

According to Angeletta, the restaurant has filled its reservations, with 18 guests spread out across two sittings.

Up to 10 customers will be able to go to pubs on Friday as long as they order food. Bar areas and gaming facilities will remain shut.



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