105-Year-Old Woman Celebrates With A Hungry Jack's Whopper And Wine

A great-great-grandmother has celebrated her 105th birthday with a burger and a bottle of wine.

Perth resident Beatrice Turner, who has lived through two world wars, and now the COVID-19 pandemic, marked her birthday on May 3 with a Whopper burger and a glass of red wine.

Perth resident Beatrice Turner (right) marked her birthday on May 3 with a Hungry Jack’s Whopper and a glass of red wine. Pauline Bremner, manager of SwanCare Waminda aged care facility is pictured left. Image: Supplied.

Beatrice, fondly referred to as 'Bea' at the SwanCare Waminda aged care facility, is the eldest of a growing group of centennials who live there.

“My legs are a bit wobbly, but my mind is still sharp," she said.

And we agree, a Whopper and glass of red are excellent choices.

Turner was born in 1915 in Northam, 100 kilometres east of Perth, where she later married and had three children.

After her husband returned from World War II, the family relocated to Perth.

Now a great-great-grandmother, Bea’s remaining child Thelma lives close to Waminda and often visits her.

Bea doesn’t have any secrets to a long life but said she has never smoked and didn’t have her first sip of alcohol until she was 50.

That might explain it!

Happy Birthday Bea.