The Tiny Aussie Entrepreneur With A S**t Idea

While the lemonade stand is a long-standing classic for kids looking to make pocket money, one tiny Aussie entrepreneur is selling something else sweet… alpaca poo.

The manure on Ben Schoenmaker’s farm “smells sweet” and so does success, which is exactly what the six-year-old’s dung business is proving to be.

The small salesman launched 'Ben’s Shitty Business', a name he came up with to sell poo from the six alpacas on his family's farm near Oberon, NSW.

A real-world lesson while schooling from home. Image: Ben's Shitty Business

“He said, ‘Mum, I want to have my own business'," mum Nadine Schoenmaker told 10 daily.

We saw a sign for horse poo and realised we could sell poo from our alpacas -- but it’s little pellets, so it takes a long time to fill a bag!"

Hard work didn't deter the tiny entrepreneur, who collects the “beans” with help from his siblings, Ronny and Freddie -- although Freddie was “fired” on his first day for lack of helping, according to Mum.

But Ben will "get out there rain hail or shine -- he’s just the best”, she said.

“Alpacas poo in a circle so it’s easy to find, and the grass is growing like crazy around those spots as well.”

Ben plans to expand his merchandise range. Image: Ben's Shitty Business

It's not the only thing growing, with Ben’s pocket money quickly adding up from selling bags of “black gold”.

We’ve been selling the poop from a pop-up and made 150 dollars in one day. Ben couldn’t believe it!

“People would just pull up and give him money for his effort, or would pay more than the asking price. He said, ‘Mum, everyone is so lovely’.

“He gave his older brother 25 dollars for helping, and even gave Freddie five dollars for doing nothing!”

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Every day four-year-old Charlie dons his blue shearing singlet and jeans so he can “shear” his teddies.

Focusing on the business end of animals has also helped while Ben has been away from kindergarten due to COVID-19.

“He was loving kindy, so he's ready to go back, but it’s tricky," his mum said.

"We’ve stopped most school work and have been doing fun farm work and learning through that."

It’s a s**t job, but someone’s got to do it -- and Ben is more than happy to.