Teachers Bring Easter Parade To Students, Boosting Morale During Pandemic

With many students learning from home under COVID-19 restrictions, teachers in Orange, NSW created a unique Easter Hat Parade to keep spirits high.

Orange resident, Paulie Ewens, was drawn into her front yard by the sound of blaring car horns to see cars decorated in an Easter theme parading through the streets.

“It was absolutely beautiful to see, community spirit is well and truly alive,” Ewens told 10 daily.

“I had no idea it was happening until I heard the car horns blowing. I had a few people message me to say it was organised by Glenroi Heights Public School.”

Being the final week of the first school term in NSW, most schools would usually be crafting away for their Easter Hat Parade.

With many students now being home-schooled amidst the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s hat parades will likely be cancelled.

However, the teachers at Glenroi Heights weren’t about to let that happen, bringing the hat parade to their students instead.

It was truly amazing to see in these tough times it was exactly what we all needed to see and here just to boost everyone’s spirits and it certainly done that.

Members of the Orange community were quick to agree, commenting on the video of the motorised Easter Hat Parade that Ewens shared on Facebook.

“Heard all the horns and stood outside to watch. You see these things on TV and think nothing of it and then after being inside for weeks, you stand and wave and feel as if someone cares,” one wrote.

While some raised concerns about breaching isolation restrictions, the parade was approved by local authorities and had a police escort.



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“The organisers notified us quite some time ago and we thought it was good for community engagement where we could still maintain social distance,” Sergeant Yonneka Hill from the Central West Police District told 10 daily.

"Kids need that extra bit of excitement to boost their morale and happiness at the moment."

10 daily contacted the Department of Education for comment.