'Like A Warm Hug': The Small Businesses Giving Free Coffee To Health Workers

As the fight against coronavirus intensifies, frontline health workers are tirelessly caring for patients around the clock -- and some small businesses are giving back.

'Pay it forward' campaigns are popping up across the country, allowing customers who want to support their local cafe to purchase an extra takeaway coffee for a hospital worker.

Nurses, doctors, paramedics and others working on the front line of the COVID-19 battle can visit participating shops and claim the coffees before or after shifts.

Customers have rallied behind the initiative to support hard working hospital staff and emergency service personnel. Image: 10 News First

It's a small way to give back, but hospitality staff say it makes a big difference to someone's day.

"We have actually had some nurses come in in scrubs as well, so they've been very appreciative that they can come in here, and get a coffee after their shifts, and go home and have a little nap," Anne Natt, manager of Miss 5048 cafe in Adelaide, told 10 News First.



Uber Eats And Airbnb Offer Free Meals And Accommodation To First Responders

In a bid to support the heroes on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, two major companies are offering their support in the form of free meals and accommodation.

Her popular cafe's customers have rushed to chip in and donate a hot drink. Her coffee bean supplier also donated eight kilograms of beans -- enough to make 400 coffees.

Incognito Cafe in the inner southern suburb of Plympton, Adelaide, also wants to reward overworked health workers. The shop is a popular hot-spot for not only hospital staff, but emergency service workers like paramedics.

Customers can donate a cuppa to a health worker in need of a caffeine boost. (Image: Getty)

"I think a free coffee is the equivalent to a nice big warm hug," owner Brett Dowsett told 10 News First.

"I'm just calling upon anyone who wants a free coffee, come on down we'll give you a free coffee."

McDonald's has also announced an offer of free cuppas to healthcare workers, with Airbnb and Uber also finding ways to support those who risk their lives to help others.

Frontline staff who require accommodation can register to have their Airbnb fee waived, while Uber Eats recently pledged 25,000 free meals for health sector staff.



Australia's Private Hospitals To Add 34,000 Beds To Coronavirus Fight

The federal and state governments have vowed to guarantee the viability of all 657 private hospitals in Australia, freeing up more than 30,000 beds and one third of the country's intensive care capacity.



Lizzo Bought Lunch For ER Staff Working Around The Clock During Coronavirus Pandemic

Lizzo is well known for bringing joy into our lives, so it's no surprise the "Truth Hurts" recording artist quietly donated food to medical staff this week.

In addition, the Buy Them A Coffee campaign continues nationally, with the fundraiser distributing donations to cafes and food outlets close to city hospitals,  so they can provide workers with free coffee, tea and sometimes food.

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