Kayakers Rescue Roo Found Swimming In Gold Coast Canal

A curious kangaroo was lucky to catch the eye of concerned residents who rushed to his rescue when he got into trouble while swimming.

Footage has emerged of a group of strangers going to great lengths to rescue the marsupial after he was spotted taking a dip in a Gold Coast canal at Runway Bay.

For more than an hour, the kangaroo zig-zagged up and down the waterway before bystanders stepped in.

Image: Supplied.

Julianne Zalite and her husband Andris told 10 News First they spotted the roo from their nearby unit and they couldn't believe how long it was able to keep swimming.

"I was amazed at how long he was in the water for and how strong he was," Julianne said.

He just kept swimming and swimming.

Zalite said she was concerned when the roo kept swimming further out into the open water.

"It was going further and further, and there's no boat ramp down that end so there was no way it was going to be able to get out."

The pair managed to alert a kayaker who was passing by on the water and managed to chase down the roo. He was later joined by another kayaker who helped pull the animal gently along the water.

The rescuers were then helped by off-duty firefighter Paul Dunn and his wife Rebecca who spotted the convoy while on their jet ski.

Image: Supplied.

"He'd managed to lasso the kangaroo and really what we did was towed him and the kangaroo back to the boat ramp," Dunn said.

Footage of the rescue shows the two kayaks and the jet ski slowly pulling the kangaroo through the water.

"He's on the back, see they're towing him," a voice can be heard on the video.

He's getting a ride!

Bystanders clapped and cheered for the rescuers as they delicately released the roo back onto land.

Witnesses said the roo rested on the grass for several hours before eventually moving on.

Image: Supplied.

"I was a bit concerned about it for a while but after that it was alert and hopping so it was a really good feeling to be apart of it," Andris Zalite said.

Dunn said it was a "feel-good moment."

"Well obviously with everything going on at the moment it was a good way to start the day just a feel-good moment."