WATCH: Farmer Installs Doggy Door Under His House For An Unexpected Resident

When a farmer had to board-up the bottom of his home, he was sure to include a doggie for an Australian native living underneath his house.

The farmer in Inverell, NSW, sent footage of the door being used to his niece, Kate, after closing up the bottom of his home.

She told 10 daily she was expecting a snake to come out, but was pleasantly surprised by the animal that crawled out to the camera.

The echidna has been a long term tenant under the house. Image: @CommissionerKate

“They had to close in the house but knew echidnas were living under there, so they put a doggy door in the side to make sure they could get in and out,” Kate told 10 daily.

They happened to catch it on camera and I just thought this small act of kindness could add a bit of happiness to everyone’s day.

“Farmers never sort of claim it, they just do these nice things for the native animals quietly.”

The video also reveals another hint of happiness.

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A family-run emu farm in Central West NSW was about to shut off its troughs due to drought until video revealed native animals, including an echidna and six-foot goanna, were relying on it for water.

“You can see the grass is green in the video and I can tell you, that wasn’t the case at Christmas.”

The welcomed rain clearly brought relief to both farmers and echidnas in the area.