John Krasinski Is On A Mission To Find Good News

Actor John Krasinski is on a mission to find good news and his followers have not disappointed. 

'The Office' actor put out a call on Twitter for people to spread some cheer during what has been a gloomy time for the world using the hashtag #SomeGoodNews.

"Alright everybody, how about #SomeGoodNews!" he said on Wednesday.

"Send me the stories that have made you feel good this week or the things that just made you smile!"

More than 2,000 people have replied, with stories ranging from people getting engaged, many buying their first home or adorable pets finding their forever home.

Some stories have been more tear-jerking than others.

April Danz shared a video of her daughter Coco returning home from her final chemotherapy session to a surprise.

"Our friends had a surprise social distancing welcome home parade for her," she said.

As an emotional Coco makes her way down the street she waves at everyone holding signs and balloons.

Good News


"What Is Needed Most Is Not Toilet Paper, It's A Sense Of Community"

While the coronavirus pandemic has seen some ugly moments so far, many Australians, and people all over the globe, are showing good will through acts of generosity and offering to help those in need.

Calley shared the story of Cole, a local kid in her neighbourhood, who couldn't celebrate his ninth birthday with his friends.

"Our awesome neighbors had a 'parade" to celebrate with him!" she said.

Cole was driven through the streets in a car filled with balloons while his neighbours cheered from their front lawns.

Geoff Carmichael gave a shout out to his neighbour Art Cruz, the "guardian angel" who mows his lawns while Carmichael is deployed with the military.

"Sometimes, he has pizza sent to our house on nights my wife happens to be at wits end with our four girls," Carmichael added.

One school principal was keen to make sure her students were still getting exercise and socialising while maintaining social distancing measures.

"Our elementary school principal and his daughters brought the weekly school dance party to all of our neighborhoods this week!" said Katrina Sloan.

In the video the principal and the kids are dancing along to the classic line dancing tune 'Cotton Eyed Joe'.

Lindsay Atherton followed up that reply with another video of the principal and his "travelling dance party".

Check out the video for moments that will make you smile.