Coles Donates Extra $1Mil Of Groceries To Foodbanks To Help Those Impacted By Coronavirus Crisis

Coles will donate an extra $1 million worth of groceries to Australian foodbanks, to help those facing tough times as a flow-on effect of coronavirus.

The supermarket giant made the announcement on Sunday morning, explaining the additional donation was a boost to an arrangement already in place with food charities.

Donations will go to Foodbank and Secondbite, which distribute to about 3,800 community food programs across Australia, which are facing increased demand in the face of the pandemic.

Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said the virus had left more and more Aussies in a precarious situation, with job losses expected to rise as strict government measures impact how people can gather -- especially indoors, hitting the entertainment and hospitality industries hard.



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"For many years, we have donated surplus edible food from our supermarkets and distribution centres, but sadly we are hearing that an increasing number of people in our community are facing particularly tough times as a flow-on effect of the Coronavirus," he said.

"We hope by donating an additional $1 million in food each week to SecondBite and Foodbank, we can help get food and essentials to people who are especially vulnerable at this unprecedented time."

Both Coles and Woolworths have announced a community hour as a way to allow elderly and disabled Australians a way to shop before panic buyers clear the shelves.