Dads Step Up In Dance Class To Help Kids Become Superheroes

Donning their best superhero outfits, tiny dancers took to the stage with their real-life heroes to help them… their dads.

The kids are part of the Ready, Set, Dance program -- a national movement that inspires dancers to improve their confidence, coordination and creativity.

While teaching her students the program’s Boom Clap Pow dance in her Griffith, NSW studio, Melissa Brown decided to invite dads to step up.

Proud kids with their dads. Image: Melissa's Dance Studio

“We were challenged to put our version of the dance on YouTube but wanted to do something a bit different, so we asked our superhero dads to come in,” Brown told 10 daily.

She was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response, and the kids -- aged three to four -- were tasked with taking their dads through the moves at home before the big day.

“Some of them had been practicing beforehand and some were rehearsing in the waiting area! I think they wanted to get out there and do a good job for their kids.

“My students were telling everyone ‘my dad’s coming into the studio’ and they walked in telling dad where to put his shoes and drink bottle -- they felt really special.”

A little bit of acting was included in the dance. Image: Melissa's Dance Studio

It certainly was a special moment for Justine DeMartin, whose daughter Stephanie and husband Terry took to the floor.

“Stephanie loves to dance with her friends at community baby bounce and preschool, but getting Daddy up there with her was such a precious memory for them to make,” DeMartin told 10 daily.

"Stephanie and Terry both loved dancing together even though Daddy was nervous!

“The dads were all quite nervous when they came in,” Brown agreed.

“By the end of it all they were really into it. You can see one little girl had enough, but her dad kept going and I wondered… who's enjoying this more?!

“You can hear the kids squeal when their dads throw them in the air like real superheroes -- it was so cute! The dad in front even learnt a special flip.”

While predominately dads and their daughters danced, there was one father-son combo.

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“We had two boys in the program last year and we have seven this year,” Brown said.

“It’s important for other boys to see dancing isn’t all tutus and fairies. While learning the basics of dance, they’re building confidence, creativity and friendships.

“I say, get your kids out there and get them moving through dance.”