Dance Like No One's Watching: Sydney Launches First Online Nightclub

While social distancing is throwing the entertainment industry off beat, coronavirus simply can't stop the music with a group of Sydney DJs launching a virtual nightclub Friday night.

Radio 2 Radio was the brainchild of three mates who announced the tech-based idea on Facebook.

"Social distancing is the most responsible thing one can do to protect others during this Coronavirus era," they wrote.

"Unfortunately, going out to bars and clubs greatly increases the risk of transmitting the virus."

The virtual nightclub is the brainchild of three mates. Image: R2R

So, the trio worked out a way to bring the club to the patrons: online streaming.

"We aim to create Sydney’s first virtual club, with local Sydney DJs, disco lights and chatroom for those looking to socialise."

They've managed to rope in a number of DJs so far, including Music For Friends, Hyfe, Dame B2B Deepa (Honey Point) and Liam Ebbs (Thomas Gray & Liam Ebbs).

While it may not have quite the lively buzz of a packed Sydney nightclub, it does give new meaning to pyjama party.

These are uncharted times, and although it might be weird to party at home in front of your TV, know that potentially, hundreds or thousands of people are doing the same thing.

Although, with many working from home and self-isolating in Sydney's high-density living set-up, it's probably worth mentioning noise complaints can still be made.



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The gig can be watched on Facebook Live and Twitch from 8pm AEDT Friday.

So, party on "until late... responsibly."