These Pets Are Loving Work From Home Policies

Pets are receiving more attention from their owners than ever before thanks to work from home policies – and these pictures indicate they couldn’t be happier.

Owners are sharing photos on social media of their new furry co-workers 'helping' out as they bring the office home.

Pebbles is ready to help out. Image: Jess Lynch
This dog is ready to help out. Image: Twitter/ Deb Silverman



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This is not helpful. Image: Twitter/ Persephone Peppers

Some animals have not quite grasped the concept of social distancing and others just can't wipe the smiles off their faces.

"Thoughts and prayers to everyone out there trying to work from home with a pet that does not understand the concept," one Twitter user said. 

Not helping. Image: Twitter/ Anagha Srikanth
Who could get work done with these faces? Image: Reddit/ u/sfreeman8875
Star employee. Image: Reddit/ u/ThnkWthPrtls

Another person had some advice for those who don't understand what it's like working with pets.

"Those of you advocating working from home have never had an attention-seeking pet that follows you everywhere you go and refuses to let you work, and it shows," they said.

Some pets appear to want to join the workforce, with fluffy tails, ears and noses appearing in conference calls.

"Fiancé and I are working from home, stressing about how COVID-19 is affecting our wedding next weekend ... but this little buddy is more excited than ever because Mom and Dad are home with him all week,"a Reddit user wrote of their pet.

How can you say no to that smile? Image: Reddit/ u/justhappyyourehappy
That look. Image: Reddit/ u/robciao

Even Federal MP Peter Dutton, who is self-isolating after being diagnosed with coronavirus last week, has a furry friend to keep him company.