WATCH: Boy's Epic Rescue Of Puppy Stuck In Oil Well

The 10-year-old bravely volunteered to be lowered down head-first into the well to save the trapped pooch.

Video showed,  Enes Taylan dangled into an oil well to rescue a stuck puppy in southeast province of Diyarbakir, Turkey.

The oil well where the puppy was trapped below ground. Image: Reuters

The breathtaking video shows Taylan grabbing the puppy, which was covered in oil, before being pulled back to safety.

Watch the full rescue in the video at the top of this article.

"We came here and heard a noise. We looked through this hole and the puppy was in there," Taylan told Reuters.

"We called (emergency) crews, they arrived and lifted the lid. They dangled me and I pulled it to here and I washed it there."

He said he washed puppy in a nearby pond after rescuing him from the well.

The pooch was treated to a meal and a much needed rest.

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