Plumbers Rescue Two-Day-Old Puppy From Drain

A two-day-old puppy miraculously survived being stuck in a bathroom drain for over an hour before being rescued.

The Brisbane Plumbers were called to a house at 10pm on Saturday after the puppy fell down a drain in a bathroom and became stuck in a pipe.

In a post on Instagram, The Brisbane Plumbers said they initially thought the call was a prank, but soon realised the severity of the incident.

The plumbers used a camera to locate the puppy to make sure he wasn't injured when they cut away the pipe.

The puppy fell down a drain in the bathroom. Image: The Brisbane Plumbers

In the video, the puppy's eyes have yet to open and it can be heard crying out for help.

After locating the puppy, the plumbers cut the section of pipe and try in vain to pull it out by its feet.

After an hour of trying, the puppy was finally rescued. Image: The Brisbane Plumbers

As the puppy's distressed whimpers become louder, the plumber resorts to shaking the pipe and eventually the tiny animal slides free, to the relief of the plumbers and the owners.

"It is nothing short of a miracle that it has survived being stuck down the drain for over 60mins," The Brisbane Plumbers said.

The puppy miraculously survived after being trapped for an hour. Image: The Brisbane Plumbers

The litter of puppies had yet to be named and while the kids want to go with 'Lucky', their dad has other ideas.

"Dad said it would be called ‘Dollars’ because in his words 'this puppy has cost me a shit load of money'," they said on the Instagram post.

"Although he did say it was money well spent."