Big-Hearted Aussie Boy To Cycle 800 Kilometres In Eight Days

Most primary school aged kids might spend their weekends playing sport or video games, but Riley Evitts wakes up every Saturday and throws on his lycra.

The eight year old has been training for nearly a year with his grandfather Paul Turnbull as they prepare to cycle their way from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Their 800 kilometre journey will see them ride for eight days in the hope of raising $8,000 for the Little Heroes Foundation.

It sounds like an ambitious challenge - but Riley is totally confident he will be able to complete it.

"We've just been doing a lot of training, really hard training," Riley told 10 News First.

"I'm feeling a bit nervous, but I'm feeling excited as well."

Riley and Paul have been training for their Melbourne to Adelaide ride for nearly a year. Image: 10 News First

The gruelling training regime sees the pair ride up to 150 kilometres every Saturday.

"It's really about breaking it down into stages, or days, and so we knew that we could do 100 kilometres per day," he told 10 News First.

"That's why we've been training now for 11 months, building ourselves up so that we can back up each day."

Riley first proposed the idea to his family when he was five, after meeting UK uni-cycling teenager Ed Pratt, who rode around the world.

"He had a really big adventure and I really wanted to do a big adventure like that as well," said Riley.

Their cycling tour departs Melbourne from Marvel Stadium on March 22, finishing with a ride into the Adelaide Oval on March 30.

They've allowed for one rest day, and will have a convoy of support vehicles and people to help them along the way.

Riley is riding in support of local Adelaide charity, the Little Heroes Foundation. Image: 10 News First

Over the course of the journey, they'll pass through several regional towns, including Ballarat, Warracknabeal, Bordertown and Coonalpyn - and they'd love to see as many locals as possible cheering them on.

Despite the daunting task ahead, Riley's already thinking about where he could ride to next... he hopes to one day cycle from Sydney to Perth.

If you'd like to support Riley you can send him a message of encouragement or donate to his chosen charity - all the details are on his Facebook page.



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