The Influencer Who Flew Around The World To Help Bushfire Affected Animals

Two years ago Swiss-born social media influencer Dean Schneider dropped everything and moved to South Africa, to follow his dream of taking care of local animals.

The animal activist now owns a 360-hectare property where rescued wild animals can live their life, safely and in the wilderness, Schneider told 10 daily.

"I'm not a biologist, not a scientist, not a vet," he admitted.

"But I guess my passion allows me to communicate with those animals on a completely different level."

Now, Schneider has taken that passion to Australia, after seeing the devastation this season's bushfires have had on native wildlife.

Schneider said he was inspired to take the journey down under because he believes that like last year's Amazon Fires, the 'hype' around sharing support for communities and wildlife in Australia will eventually dwindle.

"In my opinion only after that hype, after the flames, the crisis have started, which we can see now," he said.

"This is where I thought when everybody gets quiet, I want to raise my voice and shine a light on this."

He said it was difficult seeing the burnt-out land and the animals that have been left without food and water.

Schneider has since shared a number of clips and photos of the rescued wildlife including kangaroos, wombats and koalas to his millions of social media followers, who have together raised over $220,000 for recovery efforts.

Schneider said he has visited a number of organisations and will decide how to split the money, depending on people's needs, at the end of his trip.

He told 10 daily he wanted bushfire-affected communities to know they're not alone.

"There are millions of people around the world who are ready to help, who are ready to raise funds."

"Keep up the great work you're doing so far. You guys are busy saving the country and its wildlife and thank you from the bottom of my heart."