Girl's Dream To Walk School Formal In High Heels About To Come True

Mackenziee Lawler’s current life goal sounds deceptively simple -- to walk the red carpet at her upcoming Year 12 Formal in a pair of high heels. But for someone with cerebral palsy, that’s a major task.

It's one she set herself after spotting a pair of heels in a shop window at the age of eight.

Now 17, Mackenziee has undergone dozens of procedures to manage her condition, including six orthopaedic surgeries and years of intensive physiotherapy.

Mackenziee has undergone dozens of procedures to manage her condition. Image: Raelene Lawler

Having worn ankle orthotics her entire life, the 2.5 inch black high heels she’s had custom-made for the Formal, are the first pair of shoes she’s ever owned.

“I wasn't going to go stiletto, because I wasn't sure what my doctors would have said!” Mackenziee joked to 10 News First.

Mackenziee has wanted to wear heels to her formal since spotting a pair aged eight. Image: Raelene Lawler

Physiotherapist Tim McGowan has treated Mackenziee since she was eight and has played an instrumental role in helping her get close to realising this dream.

“We've got a little way to go to be able to manage the balance needs for it, but you know, we'll do it together,” he said.

Mackenziee has been working to wear high heels to her formal. Image: Raelene Lawler

To demonstrate his commitment, McGowan is getting his own pair of high heels made, so he can practise right alongside her in the lead up to the big day.

“They're going to be shiny and sparkly as Mackenziee is, so I don't know how I'm going to manage, but I’m pretty sure Macky will be fine!” he said.

Physiotherapist Tim McGowan has been practising with her. Image: 10 News First

The high school student has her wardrobe carefully planned and is picturing a regal entrance when she struts the red carpet.

“I'm definitely a princess, so ballgown all the way, sparkles, lace, tiara, so I'm going all out," she said.

“We’ve come this far and we’re almost, almost there."