How A Fire-Ravaged School Was Rebuilt In Just 23 Days

Children from a small NSW community razed by fire can look forward to playing with their friends again, after their school was rebuilt in just 23 days. 

Just three months ago, the tiny town of Wytaliba in northern NSW was the centre of a never-before-seen firestorm.

Two residents lost their lives and 25 homes were destroyed by the bushfire,  as residents watched everything they own turn to ashes.

Daisy Blairs was about to celebrate her ninth birthday when the flames tore through her home. Her mother, Danielle, bundled her three children into a 4WD and drove them to safety.

The town's school was destroyed by the fire. Image: Network 10

But Daisy had other concerns -- her school.

"I was only away for half an hour and I looked and the whole school was gone," she told The Sunday Project, in an interview to be aired Sunday.

Daisy is looking forward to going back to school. Image; Network 10

Months later, the town is starting to find its feet.

The Department of Education has worked to rebuild Daisy's school in a matter of weeks -- just in time for the new school year.

“I’m looking forward to play with my friends in the brand new school,” Daisy said.

You can check out the full interview and the school's transformation tonight at 6:30 on The Sunday Project on Network 10.