'In Disbelief': Lost Dog Missing For Two Years Reunited With Human Family

A Melbourne family has been reunited with their beloved pet dog after he was tracked down via his microchip.

'Baymax' -- a Maltese Shih Tzu -- had been missing for the past two years after he wandered out of the family home's open side gate.

Suzana Talevski from the Lost Dogs' Home said one of their ambulance drivers found Baymax wandering a street in Werribee 'having his own little adventure'.

They then picked him up and took him back for a health and welfare check.

Baymax spent two years apart from his family before being taken in by the Lost Dogs' Home. Image: 10 News First

"He was in a very good condition, so one can only assume that he'd been taken in by someone else or another family," Talevski told 10 News First.

Luckily for Baymax and his family, we discovered that he was microchipped.

"We put in a call that we love putting in: letting families know that we have found their dog," Talevski said.

The Phethalankham family said 'the joy was unbelievable' when they received the call.

Baymax was reunited with his family, thanks to his microchip. Image: 10 News First

"We were in disbelief the whole time we were driving to the Lost Dogs’ Home," Peter Phethalankham said.

"I thought he (Baymax) might have passed or been hit by a car or something."

The moment we saw him was incredible, we are so grateful at a second chance with him.

The family never gave up on seeing Baymax again and had kept all of his toys and his dog bed.

The Lost Dogs' Home assume Baymax spent his time with another family because he was in such good condition. Image: 10 News First

"It was devastating for the whole family ... Although we were hopeful for the first one or two weeks, it slowly started to sink in that he wasn’t coming home,” Phethalankham said.

The Lost Dogs’ Home has urged all owners to get their dogs and cats microchipped, and asked people to 'do the right thing' if they find a dog or cat.



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"Take them to your local authorities, get them checked out to see if they're microchipped: that way it reduces the heartache for you and the family that is missing their pet."