Hero Onlookers Lift SUV To Rescue Woman Trapped After Car Accident

When a woman was run over by a SUV while crossing the street, onlookers rushed to push the car off and save her.

Footage captured by onlookers -- purportedly from Monday -- shows a woman pinned under a SUV in Manhattan's Lower East Side.

Bystanders can be seen running towards the car and making repeated efforts to lift the car off the woman. After an unsuccessful first attempt, the first on the scene start to ask others to help in freeing the woman.

Initially the car seems too heavy to budge, but as more people flock to the scene, the car lifts slowly.

With the car leaning on its right-side wheels, the woman is pulled from underneath the vehicle.

"She's out, she's out, down, down, down" a bystander shouts.

NYC police told New York Daily News the accident was part of a chain reaction, which had started when an elderly driver rear-ended a car near the crossing where the woman was walking.

Police reported the woman was conscious when they arrived on the scene and was taken to hospital for pain and bruising.