Circle Of Life: Doctor Delivers Baby Of Mum He Helped Deliver 22 Years Ago

An obstetrician in Adelaide, who oversaw one little girl's entrance into the world more than two decades ago, has helped her become a Mum for the first time.

Maddi Lloyde was born at the North East Community Hospital 22 years ago.

Two days ago, on January 22, her daughter Zara was born there too -- and right next to her was the familiar face of Dr Chris Hughes.

Dr Chris Hughes delivered both Maddi, and her daughter Zara.

In the past, Hughes has also delivered two of Maddi's sisters to their mother Angela. This week, the obstetrician was honoured to once again bring another member of the family safely into the world.

"It's a privilege to deliver anyone's baby, and to do it for successive generations is a little bit quirky, it doesn't happen very often," he told 10 News First.

"It was a real thrill to think they might be happy for me to be involved in that way."

Maddi Lloyde knew she wanted Dr Hughes to guide her through her labour with Zara. Image: 10 News First

For first time parents Maddi and Jack, there was no one else they wanted to oversee the arrival of their precious daughter.

"I feel like we've created something that not everyone has an opportunity to be a part of," the new mum said.

"She can grow up and know that she was part of something special."

First-time grandmother Angela can clearly remember the day her eldest daughter Maddi was born, so she was overjoyed when she heard Hughes would once again play a role in a significant family milestone.

"My experience with Dr Hughes was amazing, he's just such a caring sort of guy," she said.

"It's just the way that he's just so personable, it's like he's got all the time in the world for you."



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Angela is quietly hopeful there might come a day when one of her three other daughters also calls on Hughes, as the circle of life continues. That's something the specialist obstetrician would be more than happy to be involved with.

"It would be a true privilege, if that's what they wished," he said.

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