Runaway Dog Ditches Owner At Gym And Catches Train To South Yarra

An adventurous golden retriever has delighted commuters on Tuesday morning after he wandered off from his owner and caught a train bound for the city.

Ralph travelled from Elsternwick for five stops before a fellow passenger -- human rather than canine -- alerted the train driver.

The lucky dog then rode in the driver's cabin before being handed over to staff at South Yarra station for safekeeping.

Ralph is seen here patiently waiting at South Yarra station for his owners to come and pick him up. Image: Twitter

"It's not very often we get a dog like that, but it happens once in a while," Metro Trains employee Priyanthi Fernando told 10 News First.

Fernando was tasked with looking after Ralph while Metro Trains put a call out on social media to track down the owners.

"He was very well behaved and very friendly, all the customers were looking at him and cheering him," Fernando said.

The customers were so happy as well to see the dog in the office.

Ralph's owner Sam Ginsberg told 10 New First he had a very unconventional wake-up on Tuesday morning, due to his dog's wandering ways.

"Mum walked into my room and started laughing ... and she was like 'Ralph ended up in South Yarra!'".

The Ginsberg family reunite with Ralph after his Tuesday morning adventure. Image: 10 News First

He said he had no idea how he got himself there.

He's not a very smart dog. We didn't realise he was that smart to catch public transport.

And it's not the first time the dog has escaped...

About a year and a half ago, Ralph and the family's other dog walked to a cafe.

The Ginsberg family have 'no idea' how Ralph managed to get himself six kilometres unsupervised aboard a Melbourne train. Image: 10 News First



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Dave Ginsberg -- who was watching Ralph at his gym before he boarded the train at Elsternwick -- said his dog liked to wander off.

"He gets a bit bored from time to time, he likes to go and see what's happening around the area."

It is something he has done before and I suspect he'll do again.
Ralph spent his morning with Metro Train staff at South Yarra station. Image: Twitter

"My first response to my wife was 'I hope we don't get fined because he didn't have his Myki card!'"

The family said they would work out a punishment at home, which may include limited walks, and keeping a very close eye on the pooch.

Ralph rode on the Sandringham line for five stops by himself. Image: 10 News First

Metro Trains have not yet said whether Ralph will be fined for fare evading as he did not have a valid Myki card -- an offense that carries a $248 fine for adults and $83 for kids.

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