‘There's No Stopping Him’: Archie The Sausage Dog Thinks He’s A Sheep Dog

A Central West farmer was curious when her dachshund become overly excited while regularly watching the sheepdogs work, so she let him out for a run and what happened next was incredible.

Ebony Hewitt would always take her sausage dog ‘Archie’ in the buggy with her while she set the sheep dogs to work rounding up livestock.

“He used to just sit up in the passenger’s seat watching and would get really excited, making little sounds,” Hewitt told 10 daily.

“When we let him out for a whirl, we did we discovered he was a natural!”

Archie liked to watch the mustering with his human, Ebony. Image: Ebony Hewitt

It seems all those days she’d thought Archie was just watching, he’d actually been secretly training!

He is also very helpful in the sheep yards, running up and down the race like a little pocket rocket.

“Archie would almost be my pick of working dogs if I had to choose, his small and has very fast little legs which means he can get around the sheep with ease and speed.”

Archie learnt his farm skills by watching from the passenger seat. Image: Ebony Hewitt

Hewitt reckons the other dogs aren’t jealous of their newest recruit though and said, “they probably find it as amusing as we do!”

Those little legs mean he’s often working twice as hard as his long-legged friends, but Archie doesn’t seem to mind.

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“Short legs definitely mean unstoppable, but he enjoys stopping at a trough on the way home to have a quick dip!” Hewitt said.

“He also loves to come inside after a hard day’s work, plonk himself up on the couch and have a big sleep dreaming of chasing sheep.”

Archie takes a well-earnt break with his fellow sheep dogs. Image: Ebony Hewitt

While dachshunds were originally bred for hunting out burrow-dwelling animals or small prey like rabbits, the pocket pet's traits have also proved handy on the farm.

"Dachshunds are definitely a stubborn but smart breed. They are extremely intelligent, loyal, brave and they are the most loving dogs," Hewitt said.

“Their best trait of all is knowing how to steal your heart, there is no stopping this little sausage dog.”

Feature Image: Ebony Hewitt