Brewery Offers Pawternity Leave For Dog Owning Employees

A Brisbane brewery is making it easier for staff to adopt pets, by offering a week of 'pawternity leave'.

The Scotish-owned BrewDog opened it's first Australian location in November, underneath the towering Gateway Bridge in the east Brisbane suburb of Murrarie.

The business was already offering the benefit to staff in its other locations across the U.K., Europe, and America.

"Basically it's an extra paid week of leave that you're able to take when you adopt a puppy or get a new puppy in the house," BrewDog's Calvin McDonald told the ABC.

The scheme, similar to carer's leave, is also hoped to soften the high turnover often associated with hospitality establishments.

The RSPCA Queensland, who don't offer 'pawternity leave', but do allow their employees to use carers leave for pets, have praised the scheme.

The animal welfare body recommended owners closely monitor dogs following their adoption.

This isn't the first pet-themed initiative the brewery is attempting to introduce in Australia.

The business has also made clear that dogs are always welcome to come for a drink or two with their owners.

"Craft beer is for everyone, whether you have two or four legs" BrewDog posted to Instagram when announcing their Subwoofer IPA, a non-carbonated, alcohol and hop free beverage made for dogs.

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