Tiny 'Make-Believe' Shearer's Christmas Wish Comes True

While Barbies and Lego filled most kids' Christmas wish lists, one four-year-old future farmer unwrapped his dream gift from Santa: shears.

Santa couldn't bring rain, but he did leave something special for Charlie Fitzgerald.

Growing up on sheep station near Ivanhoe in NSW, Charlie dreams of becoming a shearer just like his dad -- so it’s no wonder then that his Christmas wishlist this year was filled with shearing equipment.

Charlie decked out in his Christmas goodies. Photo: Rachel Fitzgerald

“Santa brought him a real hand piece, made smaller by Santa,” his mum Rachel Fitzgerald told 10 daily.

“Also dungas, an oil can, shearing bag, moccasins and a pouch for his combs and cutters.”

For those not familiar with the lingo, "dungas" are the pants popular among shearing pros.

The little roustabout loves helping Dad. Photo: Rachel Fitzgerald

Stoked with his new kit, Charlie showed-off his shearing skills on Christmas Day -- a nice little distraction for the family from the drought.

“It was very hot and dry,” Fitzgerald said of the festive day.

“Santa didn’t bring any rain but the kids had a good day.”

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Every day four-year-old Charlie dons his blue shearing singlet and jeans so he can “shear” his teddies.

The family are hoping the new year will bring much needed relief.

In the meantime, Fitzgerald plans to continue sharing videos of Charlie shearing to lift spirits.