In Pictures: Where In The World Is Santa?

Santa is making his big trip around the world and it seems he's having quite the adventure.

The man in red has long left Australian air space as he zigzags his way across the world to deliver gifts.

Bridget McKenzie, Australia's Minister for Agriculture, confirmed Santa filled out an incoming passenger card because he has to follow biosecurity rules like the rest of us.

For those who want to follow Santa's whirlwind world trip, you can use the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) Santa Tracker.

They've been tracking Santa's trip every year since 1955.

Eagle-eyed photographers have also been on the lookout for Santa sightings -- here's what's come through to the news desk from across the world.

Global Santa Sightings So Far...

Here's Santa taking part in a Tokyo run in his honour. Image: Getty
Santa was filmed during a dive in Russia. Image: Getty
Santa paragliding in Armenia. Image: Getty
... and landing safely. Image: Getty
Santa was also spotting rope climbing in Guatemala. Image: Getty
Santa checking out the prawns at Sydney Fish Market. Image: Getty
He doesn't always take the stairs. Image: Getty
Safe landing for Santa in Guatemala! Image: Getty
Santa was quite active during his trip to North Macedonia. Image: Getty
Santa also really likes sport. Image: Getty
Surely they could have gone around this in South Korea? Image: Getty
Santa went for a paddleboard in Israel. Image: Getty
Elephants helped out his trip to Thailand. Image: Getty
Here's Santa in Beirut. Image: Getty
Santa waded through floodwaters in Venice. Image: Getty
He didn't forget the animals either. Image: Getty
Santa used a faster mode of transport in Bulgaria. Image: Getty
It appears Santa has no team loyalty though. Image: Getty
Santa used a trampoline to get height in this one. Image: Getty

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