Please Enjoy These Cute Animals Celebrating Christmas In Australia

Because we can all do with a bit of nice Christmas cheer right now.

There are a lot of sad things happening in Australia right now -- bushfires, volunteers pushed to the brink, concern over smoke, political fighting, crime -- and while we're not looking to downplay any of these really serious issues, we thought people could do with a bit of Christmas cute content.

We know we do.



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It will be ho, ho, hot in some parts of the country on Christmas Day while other areas will need an umbrella as Santa comes to town.

So, we've pulled together some of our favourite videos from animal parks and zoos around Australia, where cute creatures -- furry, feathered or otherwise -- are celebrating the festive season with costume, presents and food.

Lots of food.

This tortoise got into some Christmas carrots at Adelaide Zoo. Image: AAP

With Santa's arrival, please enjoy some of Australia's cutest animals enjoying some early Christmas treats. You can check them all out in action in the video at the top of this post.

You're welcome.

Symbio Wildlife Park

We had red pandas chomping on snacks, curious meerkats climbing all over a keeper in reindeer ears, and pygmy marmosets running around a mini Christmas tree at Symbio wildlife park, south of Sydney.

This keeper got up close and personal with the meerkats. Image: Symbio Wildlife Park

Have you ever seen a wombat absolutely munching down on a Christmas wreath? Well, now you have.

Image: Symbio Wildlife Park

SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium

Santa usually gets around in a sleigh with reindeers, but he donned a scuba suit, flippers and goggles to visit the very good animals at Melbourne's aquarium.

Scuba Santa. Image: SEA LIFE Melbourne

A few of his more adventurous elves accompanied him to visit crocodiles, fish and penguins at Sea Life, dropping off gifts like a whole raw turkey (hey, who are we to judge what a croc puts on its Christmas wish list?)

Gentoo gifts. Image: SEA LIFE Melbourne

The aquarium's little Gentoo penguins fared a little better, unwrapping a new tunnel to play in -- as well as a few boxed gifts, and a big bucket of fish.

Australian Reptile Park

Heading north to the Central Coast's wildlife sanctuary, Santa continued his adventure streak by hand-feeding the park's resident bad boy, Elvis the giant saltwater crocodile.

Kids usually leave out milk and cookies for Saint Nick, but it was of a different kind this time -- as he milked one of the park's deadly tiger snakes.

Taking things down a notch or two, Santa also met Hugo the Galapagos tortoise for a meal of carrots.

Hugo gets his well-deserved Christmas treat. Image: Australian Reptile Park

Hugo, aged 69, hit the headlines earlier this year when the hunt was started for a girlfriend of his own. While he appeared in the video alone, a German zoo has put him together with one of their tortoises, Estrella, who is expected to join him soon. Good news for the old fella.

Other cute animals getting into the festive spirit were baby Tasmanian devils and alligators, some koala joeys, and a dingo couple.

Please look at Elsa the koala. Image: Australian Reptile Park

"We can tell they’re excited for Santa to come and love watching their little faces light up when they get their cuddles and kisses from visitors," reptile keeper Brandon Gifford said.

WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo

Stockings were hung at this park at Sydney's iconic Darling Harbour, as kangaroos, quokkas, baby emus, and even a galah gathered to mark the festive season.

Meeting around a Christmas tree, and even taking an early peek inside their stockings to see if Santa had already come, the animals had a little yuletide tucker and counted down the days.

Taronga Zoo Sydney

Quokkas in a Christmas wreath. That's it. What more do you need to know?

Image: Taronga Zoo

If you want a little more, here are some Sumatran tiger cubs playing in ice.

Image: Taronga Zoo

That's it. We're officially overloaded on Christmas cute.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. We hope you have as much fun this festive season as these animals.

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