Good Samaritan Gives Helping Hand To Dehydrated Possum In Melbourne Heat

A Good Samaritan has been filmed helping out a very thirsty possum who found its way to a busy shopping centre west of Melbourne.

The small possum had been seen running around the crowds at Braybrook Shopping Centre for some time on Friday night before the bystander came to its aid, giving the animal water by hand.

Jason Themistoklis who filmed the video said the possum looked quite hungry and dehydrated and was running right up to people's feet.

"He was just coming up to everyone," Themistoklis told 10 daily.

Themistoklis, who said he at one point had to help get the possum back onto the footpath after it ran out onto a road, said he had never seen one in the area before.

Image: Jason Themistoklis

"It's pretty built up, there are no trees around for quite a while until you get to the caravan park," he said.

"It's just concrete city around here."

Aleisha Lucas was the Good Samaritan who gave water to the small possum, as it clung to Lucas' arm.

Lucas, who said the possum was initially trying to get into a chicken shop, told 10 daily he ducked into a nearby store to buy some water while Lucas' father tried to coax the possum down from a pole.

Image: Jason Themistoklis

Lucas said the possum climbed up his arm as he tried to give it water by hand.

" I tried gently coaxing him back down my arm because those claws are surprisingly sharp, and he took off under our car and disappeared," Lucas said.

"We half hoped he'd hitched a ride because then we could have given him water and food but as it turns out....he was seen there later, still looking for water."

Lucas has been praised online for giving a helping hand to the small animal on what was Victoria's hottest December day on record.

Across the state two towns recorded temperatures just short of 48 degrees, while Melbourne reached its hottest day since 1876, hitting 43.4 degrees.



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Themistoklis and Lucas said when the video was filmed at about 9 pm on Friday, the temperature was still sitting in the 30s.

"I'll be prepared in the future, I'm gonna buy one of those collapsible water bowls to throw in my backpack and keep with me," Lucas said.

"It'll be incentive to always keep some water with me as well."