Kind Residents Are Leaving Slabs Of Christmas Beer Out For Garbos And Posties

Residents of a Perth street are spreading a bit of Christmas cheer by leaving presents for their local garbage men and women on top of their bins on collection day.

A picture taken in Cockburn, in Perth’s south, was shared online with the caption: “Don’t forget to thank the boys this Christmas.”

The photo shows neatly wrapped slabs of beer sitting on top of two garbage bins, as they sit outside a property.

Perth residents are wishing their garbage men and women 'Merry Christmas' by placing gifts on top of bins. Image: u/ringooo (Reddit)

It seems the ‘random act of kindness' has been a tradition for years.



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“My nan is almost 80 and every year for as long as I can remember she’s given beer to her garbo and mailman,” one person commented on the image on the 10 News First Facebook page.

“Our bin day is Christmas Eve, there’ll definitely be some cold ones out there for them,” said another.



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